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Monday, March 05, 2012

its not ready yet ....but this is a very very little bit to keep the magic going

you may wonder what are these ?.....
well.....I cannot show the proper drawings yet as we are still working on them ,but this is the back of some of my drawings for our third collaboration

drawings from our hearts ******
a drawing collaboration 
jane o sullivan 
cendrine rovini

drawings from our hearts
series one
series two

It felt good to get these in the post to france to my dear friend and artist collaborator cendrine.
It is sunny and bright here and that always makes things really positive.
I also made jewellary yesterday with my eldest daughter and that felt pretty special , she has a fantastic eye , and I hope will put her pieces up on her blog as they are beautiful.


Erin said...

Jane, I just looked at the series 1 & 2 through the links.
Fantastic!!! Such delicate and touching works by both of you.
And are these going to be part of series 3?
Looking forward to see then finishes :)
Wishing you a happy creative week!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello erin , no , series three is still being made , what you saw in the links is series 2 and 1 from 2010.
This time we are actually going to draw into each others work ,I am waiting for the arrival of cendrines drawings and she will receive mine soon too .
When we have drawn on each others drawings we will scan them and show them , but that will probably take another month till we can show them on our blogs .
Thanks for your interest.

Ritva said...

sounds great dear jane!
and this was so delicate post!
thank you again for sharing!

is it ok, if i post my present to you next weekend? now these treatments are taking all my energy- i just sleep during free time. still 3 weeks ahead.
i will put something extra there for you :)
take care dear and enjoy the light and life ! i know you do :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

ritva , glad you called by ! and I cant wait to show you the drawings ,this work is my most important at the moment , it gives me lots of different directions ,it excites me ! , yes I promise to enjoy the light (precious) and life (precious). Meeting people like you through my blog helps me to do this and please wait till you are better before you send me the prize.....

jeronimus said...

Hi Jane.
Your drawings are lovely.
Thanks for visiting my Indian Miniatures blog.
Discovering Indian art totally transformed the way I paint and draw.
Best wishes for you artistic work.

Cendrine said...

My sweet Jane, it is always a privilege for me to be working with you... xx <3

Jane O Sullivan said...