Saturday, February 04, 2012

february in my studio .. part one

*********** all the following are works in progress ********** 

        ***********see you soon and have a nice weekend :) *************


Paula Henihan said...

Hey Jane...your work is looking great as usual. Layers of brave inquiry and beautiful detail. Keep up the great work.

Ritva said...

thank you, it´s so inspiring to visit you! waiting for part two :) already.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you so much for this comment dear Paula , I think of you often,so good to hear from you !
"layers of brave enquiry" (brought joy to my heart xx)
hello ritva,you are always welcome , I have a special place in my heart for you x....part 2 on the way !

Patrice A. said...

had to look that up
I know the feeling
I saw your comment
over at Ritva's
and wanted to say 'hi'
and I like what you do!!

from the cold but beautiful white

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh what a lovely surprise !, the universe does provide :)
hello patrice ,thank you ,I am glad that you like what I do .It is kind of you to respond and understand,this is the magical side of the internet that I cherish

Erin said...

Jane, your gorgeous book has arrived! Thank you!
I created a post on your book here.
I so enjoy seeing your recent works too. x