Monday, February 06, 2012

glad to be a small part in this lovely magazine

Magpie Magazine Issue Five from Magpie Magazine on Vimeo.

I ought really to have put this on my blog sooner ,but I felt a little awkward asking people to contribute etc....but as I know that this publication is just going to be incredible , I decided to let you make your own mind up !
It only costs 15 dollars to get your own copy and help Michaela to push the metamorphosis issue out of the nest :)
There is a feature on me ! and cendrine and LOADS more in metamorphosis magpie magazine no.5.
Its rare for me to find a publication where I am interested in the whole, not just parts.
Like every time I visit, she has something lovely to look at or hear.
I was unaware of magpie magazine until the editor contacted me last year to include my work, I have to say that its a privledge to be included.
She has a truelly lovely  off centre eye and only today through her blog  I sadly learnt of Dorothea Tannings death  on the 31st of January.
I always felt connected to those surrealist gals, dorothea,leanora c&f, remedios etc....

Thank you too to dear erin of erins window ceramicist exraordinaire in australia. She is so positive and supportive (thanks erin xx)

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Ritva said...

wow! it looks great!
and congratulations too!