Monday, February 13, 2012

we were tidying up the hedge and I was given this beautiful abandoned nest , I saw a rainbow  at the same time and I made this drawing this morning (a few more too that are going quite well)


Richael said...

An abandoned nest which is providing a home for new life, a lovely free drawing and happy rainbow! Oh it's so lovely to see such wonderful freshness in this post :) The work is coming Jane, like the gentle rays of sunshine that spoil us, your lovely drawings are floating down, and you are catching them in your nest ;)

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh Richael :)
that is the sweetest comment
thank you for your support it means the world(and all its nests rainbows and sunshine) to me x

Tati Galiano said...

That day so precious, surrounded by nature and beauty and pleasure to draw something so beautiful.
You leave a scent in your post that give peace and beauty. Thank you!
A big hug

Jane O Sullivan said...

sweet .....thanks tati !

Ritva said...

all well :)
lovely post, like you!

Sophie Munns said...

Oh that lovely drawing/painting Jane...
I haven't popped in here for an age... just too damn busy to get out to play very much!.
Lovely post as ever and so nice to see all you're doing!
happy 2012,