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Thursday, July 14, 2011

getting away from it to see what you really have ...

dear Felicity had this copy of the observer magazine on my bed with the dear sweet face of mr.antony hegarty upon it :)
hear antony sing hope there is someone and I dare you not to be moved....
these chairs and tables are MINE all mine ! bought with loads of vintage china for 25 euros at the carboot/flea I did with felicity yes....and brought down on the train to mayo by me.

I have had a very interesting few days break up in the capital Dublin , to catch up with some friends and to be a friend all of which I really enjoyed. The adventure of travelling up on my own by bus from Galway after my market up on the city link was exciting enough in itself ....the rest was just like a dream much to do and see and be present to.
Thank you Felicity and Niamh and Elida ....I am glad you chose me to be your friend.
I saw so much and unfortunately my camera isnt the best , so the deers in the phoenix park (you will have to imagine) ....they were far away fawning and yawning a lot ! ...their heads floating above the long grass.It was wonderful to see them , so many in the wild.In a superb city park.
I went to the henri matisse exhib of artists books at the suberb chester beatty museum FAVOURITE gallery/museum in Dublin-with my friend elida from tinderbox , just weeks away from the birth of her first child .We talked so much .Catching up with a friend I had not seen in TEN years, Niamh (like sleeve) was pretty amazing and staying at my other friends beautiful inner city railway cottage with the most charming garden was the icing on the cake.
so as you can imagine I am swamped with impressions and as is my normal behaviour totally overwhelmed, distracted and in a spin !! (good spin tho)


Anonymous said...

Oh! to have been able to see that exhibition of artists books by Matisse. Off to follow said magical link and wish myself a little closer to the museum.

Ritva said...

love his voice!
some years ago my friend familiarized me with his music. been fan ever since.

nice to hear that you´ve had great time!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi gracia ! it was a lovely small exhibition , ,but the actual museum collection !!! oh my , three floors of indian minatures , persian books etc......
hello ritva , I have just been watching more antony on you-tube , he and his is so genuine and so heartbreaking , love him SO much :) ,glad you like him too !