Tuesday, July 05, 2011

your image that blossoms,a rose in the deeps of my heart

your image that blossoms, a rose in the deeps of my heart
acrylic, oil pastel,ink.marker and pencil on paper

**please click twice and you will see it better !!! ....okay :)

I have created a flickr page with some of the work on it from my very recent solo show
you will find my artists statement and a reflection on my work from Sean Walsh the director of the Ballina Arts Centre
there are a lot more images to post .....



I am new here (having found my way via Ritva's beautiful Lumetta), but wanted to leave a tiny hello nevertheless and to tell you that this work posted here is beautiful.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello Gracia ..,I appreciate your tiny hello
you are most welcome !
your own work is suberb

annamaria said...

Hi Jane, love this-visual poetry isn't it?

Jane O Sullivan said...

wow annamaria ! ....thats what I hope it is (thank you) x

Julia da Franca said...

dear jane, this painting is so very wonderful! xx julia

Ritva said...

thank you sweet jane!
again a lovely poetic work of art!
and thanks for your comments, i treasure them!