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Friday, July 01, 2011

the new moon came today to celebrate my week which also included the SUN☀☀☀☀☀

all above is by Bláthnaid
all below is by me !

.....what a lovely week I have had , making clothes and hats for my market stall and feeling grounded in the physicality of actual constructing and re-constructing AND having my wonderful 14 year old daughter in my studio doing the same ! She needed some money for a trip and I suggested she upcycle some clothes she no longer wears .
Well she did this with gusto and here are some of the results of both our work, lets hope there are a few small sized fairy types in Galway tommorow :)
AND we finally got some sun ☀☀☀

hey thanks lovely shayne stroud .....photographer extraordinaire !

7 comments: said...

Oh, look at your super outfit -I love it Jane!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks Elisabeth !

Shelky Bean said...

I love this post Jane! Wonderful outfit you have on in the mirror pic, and I love what Bee has done, so so cool:) Yes, the sun has finally landed, and the energy around now is amazing, isn't it?! Very exciting times at the moment :) xxx

Britt-Marie Oskarsson said...

Just gorgeous!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi shelly ,glad you called by :)
yes , I am so proud of miss Bee .just spent 3hours out on the bog its so magical !
hello Britt and thank you for your lovely comment !

Julia da Franca said...

dear jane, so much beauty here! its hard to ask you between those wonderful dresses if you would like to participate in a new drawing challenge, the word is MONSTER, please come over to my place, have a look and sign in! would love it if you do!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you dear julia ...I am having a little break at the mo ....another time soon , i may join your drawing challenge , thank you for thinking of me :)