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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I am back !!!

life drawings

Hello there ♥
I had an interesting time in england, spending it with my parents and sister and I am glad that I can :)
I am very busy and challenged with a tinderbox project at the moment .
It is called the tinderbox heartstrings collective of song drawings.
You can read about it here here and here
I found lots of nice things to amuse and inspire me in England (I always do)
Life drawing was hard hard hard today and I was amazed when I finally produced the last two drawings which I post here.
The museum of everything was my highlight of our one day in London
and if you are able to see it do do do it finishes in december.
It was unbelievable and you could take no photos so.....believe me !


annamaria potamiti said...

Hi Jane! Nice that you are back! You are always working on such interesting projects. Yes, I hear you, my last life drawing Friday went straight to the bin!But I do like your drawings posted here.
Have a great day.xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for your visit annamaria!
yes all my life drawings were very very ,dead until miraculously I was able to make these two which I have to say feel pretty special to me .
I am glad that you like them ,its only at the end of the 2 and half hours class I make anything that feels.....feely :)

Unknown said...

Hey Jane
Hello from Elaine and Donal in Dublin!!See that I missed a call from you , hope all is well.....Great to see you are working away. Have started my ceramics night course in NCAD and it is really great, I am so enjoying it, food for the soul and filling my head wih such lovely thoughts, should have done it years ago........Lots of hand building and moulding unlike wheel work which I know so learning loads. Hopefully I can make some pots which match my yearnings!
Take care
E xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julia da Franca said...

i love these life drawings so much!!!
made me start painting nudes again!
have a good sunday and a great start in a new week, julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh great to hear from you elaine !
I was attending a zine fair yesterday with a project I curated for tinderbox , it was in the food co-op in dublin,nexyttime I will give you better notice, I will post about it soon.
check out the world of
you may or may not like her ceramic work , but she sure is inspiring and has lots of nice links ,if you email me I will send you lnks that you may like for college. xxsay hi to donal.