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Monday, January 11, 2010

snowy film screen grabs..........

whatever one loves
film stills
work in progress 2008-
(these are just screengrabs , apologies that they are not super super)

Today I found this bit of film that I made last time we had a lot of snow ...I never really used it for anything , so it is good to see it in another context ....I love the image of my doll in the snow she could be \is real.
I have a lot of footage that I made whilst at college, and I am going to make a film with it just as soon as I can (yes yes yes jane you can do it !)
Wish me luck because today I am atempting to set up a flickr account so that I can show my drawings in one place acsessible from my blog...omg omg omg (will I be able to do it aaaarrgggg...)
It is so frustrating trying to keep my website updated (ie. its not in my control ) that I badly feel the need to have a clear space within my blogspace where you can go to see my recent work.
So thats it from me , I better get on with it so ! Keep warm ,happy and productive x
Thanks Lorna I cannot wait to open my package ,it is my prize for when I have all my work done .


Laura said...

lovely evocative images, jane. you can do flickr! if i can you can! xo laura

Unknown said...

Beautiful Jane! That is beautiful.You can do anything you set your heart on!

Unknown said...

I visited your flickr - but not sure how to leave a comment!'s my comment: keep on displaying your work Jane, it is an inspiration!!! I love it and can't wait to see more in one spot like that!I love your blog and your writing (You can write!) but it's also nice to look at your gallery of work. Lovely!

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh thanks dears :)
It was just waiting for me to do ...eventually I will have the drawings in little series on flickr ..they are a bit thrown on today as I was so amazed that it worked !
thanks a million for the encouragement heather you rock (laura you know you do ) x

Liivia said...

Your blog is wonderful! It was lacky to find this. So beautiful and intresting.