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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Saturday, January 30, 2010

saturday part two..............

I keep seeing pink and yellow ...I put it in a drawing that I am struggling with at the moment , I guess its a spring thing ...the body and mind needing different more surprising colours....
you can never hold back spring
tom waits
I love that song


Fine Little Day said...

I think it was Nath who menthioned it before, that you and Nathalie Lete's work relates. That is true. I think of her work looking at yours. And I think of your work looking at hers. Both of you have your own expression of course. An expression that I like :)

Happy weekend Jane!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you dear elisabeth ...your words mean a lot to me as I love what you see and what you do and ultimately what you express through your work ....always with such clear honesty
happy weekend to you too :)

Ritva said...

hi to you,
and your pink and yellow!

you are great and so is rilke :)

Ester Kiely said...

Hey Jane,
I didn't get to town much with the weather but the 2 saturdays I did you weren't at the market. I missed your colourful stall!
I wondered if you visited the Claregalway indoor market on Sundays? I saw some little bric a brac there and kept an eye out for deer for you, but none available!
See you soon!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ester so nice to hear from you !
I am not back at the market yet ....soon soon , I will email you , thanks for deer watching .....

annamaria potamiti said...

So nice to come and visit here Jane, so much inpiration, I loved the writing of Rainer Maria Rilke and the drawings...and thank you dear Jane for awakening me from my hybernation!
Annamaria xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

caramela ...ritva
great you called by ♡♡