Saturday, January 30, 2010

saturday part one

found scrapbook c.1920
Today is the full moon,.......I have been looking at my older work and visual references.
I hope that they will help me to re-find my way again as I understand that I do not always have to start everything new.
The work is a continuum and sometimes I forget that I have come so far already.
I deeply value each and every one of my readers , even if you cannot comment , I know you are there and it makes me smile :)


Laura said...

such a really,really heartening quote. i needed it. thanks. beautiful posts full of such meaningful ruminating. thank you.

Richael said...

oh jane, that quote is saying exactly what im going to put it up in my studio at college, that'l show them!

Jane O Sullivan said...

I am glad that you called by laura and richeal ...that Beckett quote and there may be a bit more of it ....(have to check) really expresses what I am sure so many of us feel.
when I look at my work and think omg it is so sad so whatever always only touching on what I feel I wanted to express ....I know that it is better to continuallfy fail than to never attempt to make work of any meaning ♡♡♡

Ritva said...

i´m here :)
lovely post again!
love that scrapbook
<3 beckett

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ritva :)
even the man I bought that little precious scrapbook was lovely ...I love the humbleness of it