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Friday, January 15, 2010

in the outside all is complexity, art stills the mind (yoko ono)

woman standing by a pool
todi ragini 1725
theodore hosemann 1872
I absolutely love this shawl ,,,its the totally arbritary colours that were chosen ...but yet they work LOVE THIS THING
my altar
I always thought lewis carrolls own illustrations for Alice were ace and underated

all that I choose to see today .....
I really loved finding that quote yesterday , as it helped me to remember.
I love this image of the woman with the deers .........Indian and Persian painting has to be some of my most favourite spaces to be in .


Shelky Bean said...

well done jane on getting the flickr set up! it looks great :)
oh, and love the first image of the indian lady by the pool is it? reminds me of those lovely embroidered pictures they have in indian restraunts, all sparkles:)

Laura said...

wonderful jane! the quote and everything. i love the indian illustration especially. thank you!

Ritva said...

what an interesting blog you have!

i´ll come back...

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks so much for your comments they are all appreciated :)
have the best ever weekend x

Unknown said...

You are so right Yoko Ono! Thanks Jane for that coz sometimes there can be alot of turmoil and complexities! Nice to spend the little free moments browsing your lovely blog! Did you see the Images of Mayo photos? Lovely.

Unknown said...

P.S. Flickr site is evolving beautifully - video is lovely.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks heather ,I will look at the mayo images ,glad you like the film
bless you

kindra said...

Jane, i love this post.

Jane O Sullivan said...

goody ...its always lovely to hear from you kindra (hows the balloon doing !)

annamaria potamiti said...

Lovely post Jane- inspiring stuff and true words by Yoko-I love the Alice drawings too- And the shawl, actually, you are right about the colours-have a lovely week-
Annamaria xx