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Friday, January 29, 2010

new work and some nice things around me ....

little deer picture (1970)
behind the cutter inn
lorna crabbe
josephine rankin
golden hands magazine (1970-4)
a rabbit among the fairies
john anster fitzgerald (1832-1906)
work in progress.......

It feels great to be back in my studio , altho I am very slow to make anything that I feel good about at the mo....but I know that I must continue to turn up to the page and remain present if I am to make anything at all.
I was listening to tom waits and iris de ment yesterday and line after line made such sense to me .
I love that about music, how it can put you in another space entirely .
I was looking through an old collection of golden hands (because I like a lot of the romantic poses in it,it is a 1970's home sewing and craft magazine)...and I kept stopping at the lovely line drawings of josephine rankin, I cannot find out anything about her , I guess she was a working illustrator and never written about. I have just three other images of hers and I will post them again.
I discovered the work of lorna crabbe whilst looking at kickcanandconkers (a very inspiring blog that features so many lovely things)......I have posted up an image of lornas book behind the cutter innand it is one of my most inspiring beloved objects living on my studio table right now .....I love its size and the totally arbritary images that Lorna has put together (I am so glad that I contacted her)
oh...john anster fitzgerald , well ,I have a delirious love of the victorian fairy painters and one day would like to do some extensive research on them (they were very strange and interesting )


Ashlee said...

Hello Jane :)

Yet another inspirational post - I love to see your work in progress - a shame you're not feeling good about it - looks pretty amazing to me X

I'm very glad you keep turning up to the page :)))

Ashlee said...

Sorry, me again!!
Forgot to say the Josephine Rankin illustration is beautiful, look forward to seeing the others.
Shame you can't find anything about her, seems a little sad somehow X


afternoon! just spent like ten minutes scrolling through all the posts I've missed.
thanks sooo much for the lovely card, recieved it today was the "shizzle" (see what I did there!) and I'll send you a package either over the weekend or next week.

be good. xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

dear ashlee....thanks , I guess I am in sad mode at the moment , just cant help it ....thanks for your comments and I am glad you like the drawing in progress.It isagain "sad" about Josephine Rankin ,they are just a few humble (yet gorgeous ) drawings in a long forgotten magazine....but do you know sad is good too ,I love to think of what else she did , and is she still alive , maybe she didnt do much at all ....but I like them :)
Hello Barbara welcome to ,I look forward to my package :)

Laura said...

oh jane-your voice is so good to hear. staying present, it seems so simple, but is actually quite difficult. my mind races ahead and behind seemingly all the time.
and the photos, as always, inspiring.

Jane O Sullivan said...

laura ..... :) x

Shelky Bean said...

omg jane, i love the lorna crabbe image! i think i still have a bit of a soft spot for the cats...our galway cat is sitting on the bed next to me, shes like my little guardian:) the 'work in progress' is lovely already...just wondering if the background is 'cut work' because it looks it on screen, but my eyes mite be playing tricks on me. lovely lovey as always jane:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi richeal is a tracing I did of some wrapping paper ...sort of large snowflakes ...its in my normal oh so predictable black quink ink and white ink ,it is not cut out ...I am so glad you like her (secretly :) ..I do too , its just she looks a little too manic at the mo !
bless you for calling by ♡♡

Ana Montiel said...

Beautiful inspiring post!
Thanks for visiting (and commenting on) my weblog. Yours is very nice!

Greetings from Barcelona*

Unknown said...

I used to know Josephine Rankin in London in the late 60s and early 70s. I found a book that she had illustrated that I sent off for on Amazon. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. The line drawing you posted of hers IS beautiful and I would love to see the other two. I will try and get in touch with her via a mutual friend.

Jane O Sullivan said...

Hi Pamela , thank you for contacting me , thats amazing , were you googling josephine rankin and were led to my post ?? If you email me , I will try and send you the other two images when I find them. Do let me know of the book she illustrated , if you remember the title. thanks ! Jane