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Monday, July 16, 2012

introducing my new collaboration with cendrine rovini.......and its home and bits before it happened......

 "They felt the rush of the sap in spring, they knew the wave which cannot halt, but every year throws forward the seed to begetting, and, falling back, leaves the young-born on the earth.
The Rainbow 
D.H. Lawrence

drawings from our hearts 
is the brand new blog home where cendrine and I will be housing our colloborative art practice, please visit it and say hi.
the book that inspired this latest collaboration
look here to what I was thinking at the time :)

the following 3 images are from my scetchbook/journal of dec-jan 2012.
It was just lines I was noting as I read , it was if he was writing them for me, as if he were peeking at my notebooks.


annamaria potamiti said...

How exciting your new project sounds! Love looking through your sketchbooks:)

Ritva said...

hi dear,
this is so great!!!
and your works!

i got so carried away in drawings from our hearts that i forgot to leave you a message here :), sorry!

you gave me energy this morning :)
thank you!

ps. i will give one map to you, with pleasure :)
ps. you were right, i love max richter, listening allll the time :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you annamaria , did you look at the special blog I made to show the joint works , we would love your considered and elegant thoughts on ot :)

ahhh my ritva, we were totally spoilt by you this morning , thank you for all those comments :)
oh goody , I will love the map and make something special on it , max richter , yep , I want to look into him further as I have only got the one c.d..........
it means the world to me that you like the drawings as my work has meaning to me when it has meaning outside of me know what I mean dont you !! have a lovely day ladies x

Cendrine said...

It is really touching to see the sketches and your handwriting on the notebook Jane ! I am in love with the lady with blue face and pink hair...

Jane O Sullivan said...

I am glad that you noticed them cendrine , as they are of course important to us both , thank you for your visit and we will definately keep in touch xx
a lady with pink hair and a blue face , that must be me hey !