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Friday, July 13, 2012

a key to another world PART TWO

 all of me
photo taken last week on my last day in my old childhood bedroom
 clay birds just left under bridge at southbank london overlooking the national theatre
annonymous french artist (there was french writing on the sides of the birds....we left them there)
amazing find crammed with big gangs of animals all grouped in themes , such as by the river , on the wall,on the downs, by the fence....... etc
beautifully illustrated
the shell book of nature
john leigh pemberton(amongst others)
a highlight of our london trips , was watching the hugely talented and spirited skateboarders and stunt B.M.X bike riders.Wow , did they have nerve and this guy was literally cycling up the walls, spinning around his bike and he just kept going , an unofficial must while in london
southbank waterloo,under the national theatre.
I didnt get this victorian card but a few other scraps , the dealer let me photograph it though , do click on it to see the words :) (love)


annamaria potamiti said...

Hi Jane:)
Love those photos- and the card is fab!!!Hope you are enjoying your summer-

Ritva said...

love that first photo!

and thanks, so nice to know that there are others too, that leave birds behind! :)- i´ve done that for years now,(since 2000). my green ones:) though, i have given them one by one to my friends and relatives when they go aboard. they can choose a place for the bird,
take a photo of it for me and leave the bird there. it was my intention to make a book about them, but haven´t - yet :)

that card is a piece of art!
love it.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello annamaria , so lovely to hear from you , thanks for your visit , hope you are well dear :)
ahh my ritva , a lovely enthusiastic response as always , I am glad that you like the first image , I just had to make it , it was a very imedieate response to my feelings.
The birds , were such a wonderful sight , just left there , I nearly thought of taking one ! ....but my daughter was .....horrified , leave them there for others , she was of course correct :)
Another book /zine ritva , you will be busy , what with the photo book of the little dolls journey , you must do this , dont forget the zine fair is august 11th and 12th xx
you would love the tiny card I did buy , it is on the top photo of the post before this one, very small, I,ll try to scan it xx

Ritva said...

:) i won´t forget the zine fair, dear!
in your first image, you have captured the same atmosphere, feeling that you have in your paintings too, i think. very poetic.

that tiny card, is it the one on the 4th photo too? (that previous post) :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh ritva , thanks ! I am glad that you see that , as I love what you see.
I am moved by that image , it could mean so many things. Yes , you are right , it is in the 4th photo , it is tiny !!! , maybe only 4cmx5cm .....,I had to have it ! ,it says love and eternity ,behind the lady on the white horse(swoon .....melt......)
your clouds ....hmmmm ritva in the clouds , now that was special :) have a great week, ok x