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Thursday, July 12, 2012

alls well now , drawings have arrived safely after ONE MONTH....some more found treasures from my recent trip to england.........

 old lady reading on the london tube.

vintage mail art from soweto south africa

I was in england for 10 days visiting my family , some of my finds from some london markets are above. Treasures , keys into another world.
 PART TWO to follow.

News !!! well , I have never felt facebook was for me , a little overwhelming etc , but I have finally created a fanpage just for my work and do you know what , I am glad I did.
It will help connect people to what I do as it notifys them of upcoming events.Please visit  there if you like , I will continue however with my dear blog as it is a different kind of space for me.

I am glad to report that after a whole month mine  and cendrines drawings have arrived safely in france. We will post this our third collaboration as soon as we can.
look at cendrines flickr she has posted the 5 drawings she started and I completed.


Shelky Bean said...

Oh Jane, I'm so please the drawings finally arrived, what a relief it must be for both of you! The treasures look delightful, looking forward to seeing part two ! x

Erin said...

What interesting and rich treasures!! I LOVE the first photo. All so inspiring...

Looking forward to see the great works by you two xx

Ritva said...

that´s great!
and darling your work together, it´s like music!
you play together so well!
so happy for you :) <3

Jane O Sullivan said...

sorry to reply so late , I am thankful for all thats happened and your comments and support are a big part of that joy , thank you dear shelky , erin and ritva , you are the best .