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Monday, September 20, 2010

london visit part two

edvard munch

Here are some more images from my trip last week .
I am feeling quite turned upside down from all the events within the visit but I know that I have to be strong and work through them ...they are the big questions about life\death, why we are here ......
Thats why I love life so much , the life of a street , a market , the people in a place ,all of this is so vibrant in east london .
The last three images are from walthamstow.
4** a lovely trimmings shop
5**a real life ....hindu chariot racing preperation !
I could not believe my luck when I chanced upon these guys washing the golden animals for the festival tommorow.
6**in a book life....hindu vahana animals ,this was a lovely book on woodcarving which was too big and heavy to cart back to Ireland , it was in a charity shop in the morning .
The amazing thing was , it pre-empted the scene above , that of the men getting their vavaras ready ,which I saw in the afternoon !
this image on cendrines suberb blog
hortus noctis is probably a vavara .....isnt it wonderful :)

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