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Thursday, September 09, 2010

the last days of summer and some new work.....

things merely are
ink marker and acrylic on paper on board
she fell deeply into herself
ink marker and acrylic on paper on board

.....last friday it was his birthday and we cycled out to a favourite spot for fresh coffee and french butter biscuits.
It was extra special because I know we will have very few sunny days left like this.
The two drawings are for a group show called double vision,all the work will be the same size and from all the current and graduated students from my old art college.It is just one of the many exhibitions held during the westport arts festival
I am working towards finishing my film for the exhibition INVITED in Hastings garage ....cross your fingers for me:D

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bb said...

She fell deeply into herself ... where she opened her eyes, her wonder-seeing eyes wrapped in the souls and feathers and furs of owl and cat and deer ... Beautiful deep drawing, wonderful eye.

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh barbara
bless you,what a thoughtful and touching comment.
thanks :)

Laura said...

fingers crossed. lovely. happy birthday to your dear one:)

Ritva said...

good luck for the film- i´m sure that it will be beautiful, as your paintings!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you both its so good to hear from you !!