Wednesday, September 15, 2010

london visit part one

lorna crabbe

***here are some selected images from a very intense and unexpectedly uplifting visit (funeral of a dear woman who was also an artist)

"Lorna's wonderful drawing is not from my recent trip ,it just looks good with them and I have been meaning to show it as I WANT it !! and she wont let me have it :(
Lorna Crabbe
The middle three images are from the fantastic William Morris gallery in Walthamstow East London.
We visited it on the day before the funeral, go if you can and look at all the arts and crafts era drawings textiles and furniture (I LOVE it there)
The last image is from a book of 1970,s illustrations,which belonge to our absent friend whose presense I feel very much still.She had loads of wonderful art books and it was my pleasure and honour to look at them in the evening in the cozy nest she had created with her husband :)
this illustration is obviously influenced by alphonse mucha ,but I love it still :)

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