Tuesday, September 29, 2009

studio love

the man who I got my fab vintage needlework magazines from a while back.....GAVE me this tin at the carboot on sunday (I wonder how does he know that I love love love deers ....strange that)
oh yippeeeeee....I really like this pattern
"its a leaf...its a leaf ! " squeeled piglet puppets and old case I scored at the weekend car bootI LOVE this book cover
....heres a few things that are keeping me going at the moment .
I am just back from a cycle and autumn is definately here ...thats okay with me.
I am hoping for lots of cross pollination of these images........... to magic themselves into another form


nath said...

plenty to get inspired by here. i am having a rummage myself tonight - i have a screen printing workshop this weekend so i am gathering ideas, flotsam and jetsam from sketchbooks and notebooks in readiness. it feels purposeful and good.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey thats great to hear nath ,I had missed your calls.
I hope you enjoy the workshop and I agree the gathering stage ...its my favourite...its all good :)