Thursday, September 17, 2009

a new post in time for the new moon tommorow...friday

I just love looking at my jewellery, it makes me happy
we actually picked this field mushroom on the way home from walking the dogs yesterday morning , it tasted lovely fried in garlic
the dolls who can stay !
getting distracted from the work in hand ie DECLUTTERING THE STUDIO and sorting and making arangements of the stuff I have to keep...pretty much the same scenario I have happily been engaged in for oh....a good few years now :)
ophelias dress
....I have mentioned before that I do love the comings and goings of the moon and I like to make the most of their powers (I am not joking, like at least you know where you are with the moon , when has it never showed up huh, huh ?)
well , I have finally made a dent into the seriously needed studio re alignment to a calmer space ,less is more, just having what is relevent to me NOW ....goodness me , what a load of stuff I have collected along the way of my degree ..It isn;t really junk , but I dont need it anymore, I am giving it all into the local resource centre .....well ,thats going to be fun.
I hope they dont turn me away with my four bin bags of art newspapers , catalogues, all the art related articles in the irish times(for like seven years ).TOO MUCH
I was able to keep loads and I am really excited to be able to see my studio floor again.
Even my old doll collection has been severely pruned , those are going to the market saturday .....there are some lucky ones who by virtue of their BELOVED OBJECT status, are allowed stay.
I hope that by next week , I may be able to sit and draw, I have lots of ideas just clamouring to get that they will have the space to breathe.


Laura said...

i agree with the need for space it seems necessary for focusing. but i do wish i could visit the charity shop you are gracing with your collection. i would buy it all up. cheers!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for dropping by Laura, I assure you , the stuff thats gone , you would not want it !

Laura said...

hi again,jane-i have given you a lemonade stand award because i love reading your blog. cheers!