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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

do you remember that drawing ?....well it got a break :)

its all so very wonderful
ink on paper
this drawing will be included in a curated exhibition opening at the Westport Arts Festival this week . The show is called inspired words
I liked the theme of this exhibition it would be central to my own art practice.We had to submit a piece of work that was inspired by a piece of text,literature.I am looking forward to seeing all the different interpretations.
I have included the text piece from Alice through the looking glass that was one of the inspirations behind this drawing.

Through the looking glass
And what Alice found there
Lewis Carroll
people edition Macmillan&co London inspired words(page 57)

Just then a Fawn came wandering by,it looked at Alice with its large gentle eyes, but didn’t seem at all frightened.
“Here then! Here then !” Alice said, as she held out her hand and tried to stroke it;but it only started back a little, and then stood looking at her again.
“What do you call yourself?” the Fawn said at last.
Such a soft sweet voice it had!
“I wish I knew!” thought poor Alice.
She answered rather sadly,”Nothing just now.”
“Think again,”it said:”that won’t do.”
Alice thought,but nothing came of it.
“Please, would you tell me what you call yourself?” she said timidly.
“I think that might help a little.”
“I”ll tell you,if you’ll come a little further on,” the Fawn said.
”I can’t remember here.”
So they walked on together through the wood, Alice with her arms clasped lovingly round the soft neck of the Fawn,till they came out into another open field,and here the Fawn gave a sudden bound into the air,and shook itself free from Alice’s arms.
“I’m a Fawn! It cried out in a voice of delight.
“And,dear me,you’re a human child !”
A sudden look of alarm came into its beautiful brown eyes, and in another moment it had darted away at full speed.
Lewis Carroll

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