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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

giddy goating around Dublin and getting reloaded visually ......

the view out of the half door at Monster truck gallery and studios yesterday , sun ,sun,sun
maurice sendak illustration in book on a studio tableelf owl in book in oxfam shop ....I think I like elf owls ,never seen these before...too cute fantastical vintage childrens book illustration on studio wall of (soft blonde moustache collective ..hi girls ) I flipping wish I had this art forum, I love this Delphine Courtillot image (in a studio at monster truck)
I had a fab day in the big city yesterday.
We had fun , a nosey around the sweetest monster truck studios (thanks Pete x), lunch of middle eastern food, wonderful treasures to look at the Chester Beatty Library....ancient Persian manuscripts ....Hindi fairytales,imaginary portraits (imagine how exciting that was),chameleon pheasants,with feathers of several lustrious changing colours........tiny books,
and then a quick look in oxfam,the purchase of a vintage french Ricard bottle for 50cents and a tiny old frame (for my tiny old frame collection....all being collected up for my new project)....., a glance at obcurity in the many books in this great charity shop.
Its so exciting being in the city for such a short time , when you know that you have to whizz around fairly rapidly.
Still more art exhibitions , great inspiration , thanks to the super exciting Paki Smith show (the red thread @ Douglas Hyde Gallery)......... a best friend ,even more giddy with excitement than me,the purchase of tiny china blue heart shaped buttons and the gift of an embroidered deer.
I can safely say we are blessed.


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

aw i am pining for dublin soooo after this post. so glad you had a lovely day xxx

Laura said...

you are blessed. a lovely post. thanks!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks guys are welcome ,its fun to write the day into existence.