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Monday, September 07, 2009

just a few of the images that are swimming around my mind today , its a little brighter today and I believe that we may have some kinder weather this rains a LOT around here, so to see the sun on these lovely orange flowers is a thing of joy to me.
I have been in my studio sorting,sorting, sorting , and I am looking forward to writing about my vintage needlework magazines for dear BFR mag(see link on treasures to left☛☛☛)
I mean is it any wonder so many women in the 1950's completely lost it , when faced with endless jollity (mirrored back to them TO GET THEM BACK INTO THE HOME AND MAKE STUFF....LOTS OF STUFF),
I love this time for the huge amount of imagery that was generated is so intense , the layers and layers of questionable activities that were expected of women,they seemed trapped.
Its funny because the whole hand made aesthetic that is so strong at present,is so different.


nath said...

yes! trapped like freshly pinned butterflies. you can see why it was so rejected later on, in the 1970s especially, my mother was NOT interested in doing anything vaguely crafty, but now.. oh now, it seems so opposite. i'd love to be more able in some many areas, like macrame and stone polishing (which are so 1970s, which rather defeats my earlier point).

Jane O Sullivan said...

no it doesnt (defeat your earlier point) nath
.... today the handmade is a rejection of obscurity and is actually quite a political movement, I know lots of people that polish stones ....its bringing craft to a new level thats interesting ,huh ? eg ...upcycling of vintage plates
a macrame environment would be cool :)