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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hunters moon festival

me and the moon on my return

Paul Terry projection (and beautiful coat )
 tim and george from melodica deathship
 James King and Caroline Murphy sound artists
The Costello Chapel, second smallest in europe

I had a great time at the Hunters Moon Festival festival , some of my highlights were Josephine Foster and the above artists.
josephine singing o stars
josephine discussing her work
As you know I had three drawings in the art exhibition and I also had a pop up solo zine fair, with just me and one record stall.Thanks so much to the people who supported me on the day buying cards a few artists books and chatting about my work.
Thanks to Willie , Natalia and Caroline for organising a very unusual and challenging art happening in North West Ireland respect to all the artists who travelled from far to make it happen.

art curator for the festival caroline walsh has posted a few more images


Ritva said...

love that photo of you and the moon :)
it must have been a fine festival!

Snag Breac said...

Nice round-up of the sunday!
Was good to have you!

Jane O Sullivan said...

it was Ritva,it was,very inspiring.

hello Caroline,so you are snag breac !,so cool, love .your blog.I will link your post now ,it is great !