Monday, October 08, 2012

first saturday in october at the market stall (dream world)

I love these 1950's book covers, keeping the laurie lee but the rest are for sale !

alchemy cardigan handmade from other pieces by me
wool beret trimmed in vintage buttons 
handpainted tea cups 1950's

as I have mentioned many times here , I have a market stall every saturday from march until christmas.
I then take a break from the market  to rest and reflect and make lots of new drawings (I hope)
I love my market stall so much , it has given me confidence in all that I do , and is a reflection of my development this last 20 years that I have had the stall.
Importantly it balances out all the introspective work I do in my studio on my own all the time.
I cannot believe that I have been there that long , it just feels new all the time.
Mostly I sell a mix of upcycled clothes ,vintage clothes, hats that I make, interesting bric a brac and cards of my drawings and a few artists books , if I have them made.
I get to talk with people who are attracted to the atmostphere my work creates and that is always a pleasure. On Saturday a woman from Berlin , who bought a hat said it was a dreamworld I had , and that is what it is dream world. Thank you to all the people who support me everyday with my work as an artist , in whatever form that takes.
Thank you and thank you again.
Ostara and her deer


olga fanara said...

I like it!!!!

Lucys Lounge said...

hi jane i am planning to go to the market in galway in november. will you have some book syou make there? should i send a note before hand to make sure you'll be there? still loveing your work lucyx ps any shows coming up in dublin?

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello dear Lucy ,
thanks so much for your appreciation. I have just emailed you dear , it will be so lovely to see you at my market stall !
yes please let me know ,I want to make sure to be there for you .

Ritva said...

my dear,
love your red hat!

wish i could be there too:)