Thursday, October 04, 2012

PART ONE *** An Autumn Story

 Sky , sky , sky ............
Ostara smiling
marker on ceramic
from a series of 8 plates (work in progress)
Beswick China 1950
a find from Sunday , I LOVE the tree:)
the discontented pony
noel barr
illustrated by p.b hickling 1951 
Ladybird Book
my vintage mail art collection
(unknown artist , Soweto c.1970)

Just  a tiny glimpse of what I am looking at , doing and stuff .....
Mostly I am avoiding much inside work as I know soon this magical light will  be different . I adore winter too , in a different more internal way , but I am not ready for it yet. I have been out cycling a lot and just looking at the sky .Feeling very dreamy ,bit like Merrylegs in the above image (also very spinny and distracted)


Cendrine Rovini said...

I have the same feeling about winter, and autumn, I love how you talk about your joy with both of them ! I always feel inspired and happy when I read your blog Jane...

annamaria said...

I love your drawign on the plate-
enjoy the skies!!XX

Jane O Sullivan said...

ahhhh thats good to know Cendrine , it just feels important to me to say these things out ! You are a sweetie x
Hello Annamaria , thank you too for your visit and glad you like the drawing x