Monday, April 02, 2012

a few out takes (dont forget to click on the image so you can actually see it !)

as you know by now I very often prefer the awkwardness of the back of my drawings , unintentional marks included.They very often become the actual drawing as I mostly draw on both sides,taking ages to see which side feels right in the end.
the front of this drawing

dolls face broach went to a new home on saturday from my market stall
the actual faces are dwindling now as I was given them a long time ago, they still make me smile.

another favourite  back of a drawing
the front drawing

an old book of images  documenting college work, this was part of an installation of poloroids and a tiny tree with ceramic branches ,a drawing,and  a tiny metal rose

aesops fables 
illustrated by a and m provensen 
paul hamlyn 1965
I love this books jolly cover,that pink is to die for.
I wish all my friends a lovely easter and I hope you are all full of inspiration and have the time to follow it through :)

you may like this film of some images of leonor finis work 
learn about this intrigung artist here 
article about leonor fini in  daily telegraph

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