Thursday, April 12, 2012

around me

some nice images to be going on with ....I have been digging in the garden for 6 hours I am exhausted !
I hope to start my drawings next week, right now I am 2nd garden assistant and its all go between getting the seeds started and the ground cleared.

* out take from drawings from our heart collab , this has been painted over and isnt so visable as this
* got this lovely lady in dublin ,looks like her shoulder is a bird
* drawing of a pine marten by charlotte bronte as a child
* my friends old embroidery , I SO want this :)
* some of my broaches for my market stall

** the fairytale review is a publication I recently happily discoverered and they have an open submission here for writing or a drawing, it may interest some of you gals x


Julia da Franca said...

i always love to see whats around you dear jane, what ever you make, draw or sew.... what a heartwarming, inspiring pleasure! xx julia

Ritva said...

i agree with julia, totally.
and you know dear, you are so ahead, after those 6 hours. i´m just planing here. snow is melting slowly. i have my pockets full of seeds by now.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for the love julia ....
and good luck with your sowing ritva