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Monday, April 09, 2012

a beau belle creation

the dress
c.1940.s made in Ireland
glazed cotton
sold it at the market , to a lovely woman, it was a special dress, like it had been hand drawn.

I didnt know that dory previn ,the singer who sung from a fragile and broken heart died just a few months ago poignantly on valentines day,she was 86.
I was introduced to her singing by an older hippy friend a long time ago, back in the 1980,s and I was transfixed by the honesty and clearness of her songs ,she has paved the way for many .Glad to have heard her voice.

dory previn singing
(the girl with the braid)


Ritva said...

it seems that we both are paying a visit to the 1980´s just now :)

thank you for the song
and The Dress!

Jane O Sullivan said...

you are most welcome !
That dress was never worn , it was from an old shop in the town I live,bought when the shop closed about 10 years ago.....the dress had remained in the shop un -bought since around the 1940,s ....amazing hey !
It has a good home now.

Zania said...

it sure does! i am loving it :) thank you for finding it.