Thursday, August 05, 2010

YaY !! an artist collaboration between cendrine rovini and jane o'sullivan

drawing from the heart (the girl with birds for her feet)
jane o sullivan
La fille aux pieds d'oiseaux
cendrine rovini
le ruban(forgive)
jane o sullivan
le ruban
cendrine rovini
the life and times of plantula
jane o sullivan
Drawings from our Heart
jane o sullivan
cendrine rovini
I am so excited about this collaboration !
Please find here my first 5 drawings with the drawing that inspired me by cendrine directly underneath .
This post is in two parts and is in order of the start which was early june.
I would like to thank cendrine for her inspiration and her sensitivity towards my work .
Viva drawings from our heart !♥♥
cendrines flickr
cendrines portfolio


Laura said...

oh jane and cendrine-it is like a dream.

viilhvile said...

Would love to have birds, maybe not instead of my feet, but definitely ON my feet. Love that drawing, and the idea.

Jane O Sullivan said...

yes laura it is :D
viilhvile thank you

HAND Drawing said...

Exquisite work, Jane & Cendrine! What a lovely idea.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks kimi
we are well happy with it ;D

Arle said...

How fascinating and beutiful, thank you!

Barbara Frankie said...

thank you for sharing rovini's gorgous work xxx