Thursday, March 22, 2012

you can never hold back spring

 thank you my dear Ritva ........xxxxxx
excitement ... cendrines drawings just came in this mornings post
 I wish

spring really does happen every year , you just have to keep believing.

tom waits knows all about never stopping believing.

I really like olivia jeffries work, nearly always on found paper.
olivias blog


Ritva said...

hih-hih-hii :)
glad you got it- spring is coming from your direction, i can feel it!

hope that you will show some of those drawings soooon! :)

now i will take a little trip, the very first one after all this, and go to see friends, my daughter and a play. spend an evening with theatre company and enjoy!

have a great weekend!
with love :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ritva , so it will be a long time till I hear from you , when you get back from your well deserved road trip, you will see that today I made a drawing in your
honour ! x
next week I will start to work on cendrines drawings , there are 5 may take a while.