Thursday, September 22, 2011

pop up shop for tommorows culture night and spectaculars hanging on the church wall etc

." I have no relative but the universal mother, Nature : I will seek her breast and ask for repose"

jane eyre
charlotte brönte

above are some new clothes I made ****

thanks to alan in tinderbox I am sending a pop-up shop of my artists books and zines up to co.westmeath for tommorows culture night which is a countrywide cultural intiative .
studio 93 in moate is where the exhibition will be :)


Eleanor McCaughey said...

i love that image at the top of this post..very nice.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks eleanor ...can you imagine the carry on when I get down to the bog !hope you good said...

At first glanse I thought it was you Jane, in the top photo. Maybe it is?

Jane O Sullivan said...

it is me my dear ....jane thinking of jane eyre ...