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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

green nail varnish,a horse ring a swan ring , ruminating and whatnot .....

....whenever I have stuff to do ...I simply cannot do it !
so instead I have spent the morning walking around in the rain and sun on the lovely bog with my dogs enjoying the time on my own now my dears are all back at school 1 2 & 3 deers.
Then as you do ,I painted my nails green and photographed my two new rings for my blog as I am so shallow !
I am actually thrilled with my new rings and green nail polish.
I have also been very busy catching the last rays of sunlight before it goes on its holidays and makes me sad :(
Yesterday I spied sun on my outside yellow table between rain and grey and I actually photographed it , like a stalker !

I am not sure what the next chapter will bring but I feel it maybe very good.

love the colours of the tobias brothers work here
also love what these artists greedy hen are up to


Laura said...

lovely polish, jane. and such expressive hands:) its been terribly busy...but visiting here made me happy.

Ritva said...

i just came to say hi to a lady with green nails!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi lovely ladies xx