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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

keeping going

the two above are my favourites from yesterdays life drawing class which finishes next week :(

searching yesterday uncovered all these unread books which will be my reward soon :)

all is going quite steadily, I had a lovely day yesterday and visited the gallery where my solo show will be , it is a lovely space and the people who run it are sound.
In the evening I saw an amazing animated film The Illusionist the sequel to Sylvain Chomets masterpiece Belleville Rendez-vous.
The Illusionist is based on an unproduced script by Jaques Tati about a down at heel magician , struggling in the fading moments of variety theatre and a young girl Alice who joins him on his travels.
I was captivated from start to finish ,the finish made me cry and if you get the chance to see it
the illusionist trailer
sylvain chomet talking about animation


Julia da Franca said...

oh jane, your drawings are so so so wonderful, i love your style so much. i know i said that many times before, but... your solo show will be great!
hugs, julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh julia ...if you only knew how special and restorative your comments are to me :)
thank you and I DO hope you are well .

Ritva said...

i agree with julia- you are so great!

i also want to thank you for the link- that was something- i have to see the film!

and take care!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey thanks ritva :)

Laura said...

i am so looking forward to seeing the film! excellent. the drawings are just beautiful. truly. and the book: "the virgin and the gypsy" how delightful. he looks like my type;)

Jane O Sullivan said...

Hi Laura, if I see that gypsy guy around I'll tell him you were asking :)
thanks for your lovely comments

Germain Bailly said...

Hi Jane, absolutely agree, the illusionist is a wonderful film, I have seen it twice. Silence and loneliness were simply beautiful ! Germain

Jane O Sullivan said...

what a nice surprise , hello Germain hope you are keeping well :)
I love the bit where she lights the fire thinking its snowing outside and it was only feathers loose in the air :)

Germain Bailly said...

Yes, this scene is very poetic. In my side, I don't know if I have a favorite, but the end was a part of magic. Thank you for coming in my blog,