Wednesday, April 13, 2011

invitation to the dark side :)

I would love to see anyone that can get there .....allowances will be made for those in far flung places !


Julia da Franca said...

oh jane, how i wish i could go there! wish you all the best, cant wait to see more photographs from your work/the opening! xxx, julia

Richael said...

if you need to put people up, i have a few spare beds ! :)

Cendrine Rovini said...

Jane, congratulations and enjoy this all ! One day, I will come and see your work in person, I really look forward this... :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you all SO much , you made my day , three comments all at once (lucky me)
one day julia and cendrine day
shelly xx said...

Will be great of course. Lovely. Have fun!

Jane O Sullivan said...

elisabeth you are right I will xx

Laura said...

excited for you jane:) dreams come true:)

Ritva said...

i´m totally speechless.

you made me cry- your work, your generosity!
i humbly thank you!
i love that work and i will treasure it always.
you are unique!

and congratulations,
i will be there with you in spirit, you know- all the best... with flowers! :) enjoy!

Jane O Sullivan said...

ah ritva
thank you for letting me be inspired by the lovely image of your dear irma :)