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Monday, March 07, 2011

everything is okay (really ....really)

“and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” (roald dahl)

I am preparing for my first solo show and there seems so much to do (aswell as all the regular stuff)
Its all a bit spinny and whizzy and I want to run away.
..........everything will be okay (it has to be)

I spent a lovely time looking at the work of a russian born illustrator living in the us yelena bryksenkova
It was thanks to her that I remembered the lovely Dahl quote above :)


Rebekah Leigh said...

It will be okay! How exciting for you!When my life is spinny and whizzy I want to run away too and nothing makes sense..Good luck with your show :-)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you rebekah :)

Laura said...

what an amazing quote. it will be okay.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you laura (from you this means it has to be xx)

Cendrine said...

It will be an amazing show Jane, I would have liked so much to see it, and to see you Jane ! (This week I was with my family in the south, will write you soon...) <3

Jane O Sullivan said...

good to hear from you cendrine is part of the bittersweet life online that those whom I feel really have seen the work developing and who have supported me for so long , like you and laura and my other fantastic blog friends(I cherish you all)..... ....will be unable to be at my solo show in person ......BUT you will be in the work as you helped to make it (okay)xx

Damien said...

everything WILL be ok Jane!
How are all the preparations going now? yeah, pity I won't get to make it to your exhibition cos I'm sure it will be amazing!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi damo thanks for your interest...its all going fine and you could come if you wanted , I can get you put up somewhere .......
love to see you , maybe elida may want to come (when I return her book )let me know :)