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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I look at life from both sides now ....from inside out and still somehow its lifes illusions I recall.... but still I dont know life at all.....

All work above is work in progress
ink pastel and acrylic on paper

kirsten dunst in sophia coppolas film as the young marie -antoinette on her way to meet her future husband

I like these irreverent lively drawings they make me smile :)
ink on paper

.......looking at both sides (of my drawings) as always.......... why is the wrong side always preferable ????

I enjoyed watching sophia coppolas film marie antoinette last night , it is very shallow but so beautiful....that blue inside her coach (sigh)
watch annie leibovitz on the set of the film photograph kirsten dunst for Vogue magazine.

I am so glad to be back at life drawing classes , had fun making lots of quite quick and not careful drawings :)
I am enjoying spinning around on my bike.
I actually saw with my own eyes a hare this week , I was thrilled and feel it necessary to place one soon in a drawing.

the lovely camilla engman is collaborating with ana ventura and it was good to see anas lovely blog and links.


Julia da Franca said...

these works in progress are wonderful, i am always in love with your very special combined colours. x, julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

bless you julia ....its never ever what I want to do know , but its what I am doing , so I will have to own it :)
glad you called by .

Ritva said...

that´s what i was thinking too- love to see your work in progress!
i have marie antoinette dvd from china! my friend brought it to me- she knew i would love it!
the layers, the layers!

Laura said...

i love the work, too. beautiful jane. very moving.

Jane O Sullivan said...

that comment means a lot to me laura
thank you for making it x said...

Oh how nice it is to peep in to your place again Jane. Love these drawings :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you dear elizabeth , your comments on my work are very welcome as are you :) x