Thursday, February 10, 2011

its definately coming ,definately ❁❁❁

there is a bird in her heart
pencil *ink* watercolour* marker* and acrylic on tissue paper
feb 2011

I had a lovely morning a few fields back just pottering and walking with the dogs and my beloved today.
I felt I had stepped back in time as I wandered around a collapsed old homestead , nature reclaims with such force , that there is not much evidence left of what was once a home.
It is both sunny and misty ,birds singing quite enthusiastically .
I am glad of many things , there is always the darkness ...always.

I have mentioned this magical blog before and I have to again , it offers me so much from his beautiful writing to his wide areas of interest , he (the gentle author) is like a bird.
I strongly recomend that you take a spin with him , you never ever can guess where he will go next !
generations of wallpapers in a 17th century spitalfields house
used clothes dealers
mark petty a wonderful local character


Laura said...

i feel hopeful too, jane. almost 50 degrees farenheit and the red birds singing away. lovely post with delightful links. happy valentines day:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh goody laura , I am pleased , two being hopeful has to work doesnt it ?
tell me more about those red birds,I am always wishing to see one and I am glad you enjoyed the links (happy valentines day)