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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

walking and drawing (sort of the same thing really)

pencil and gouache on old card
studio table last night
journal page
journal page
my towser in the snow yesterday

one thing I know is that I am most content when I draw.
I stayed in my journal drawing , I look forward to stepping outside it tommorow :)
.......the other is that I love being with my dogs, everywhere looks so magical outside.
I think I like winter

have a look at the very interesting victorian blood book


bb said...

For me this Ophelia is the most wonderful work I've ever seen from you. It reminds me of the love for Odilon Redon, but it is Jane O' Sullivan ! :-) Also I like the 'in time' drawing very much.

Shelky Bean said...

i love this post...i love seeing the process and thinking behind your work...sometimes it can be as interesting, or more interesting then the end 'result' ... all the previous parts that go into the making :) love love love

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks very much for your feedback barbara
I appreciate it greatly
on my flickr page I wrote after redon ....of course it is , but it is me aswell .
I would LOVE a huge book about him and his wonderful work.the in time drawing is very from my heart :)
richael , I am glad that you find this interesting and that you took the time to let me know (love love love)

Julia da Franca said...

I'm in love with ophelia and this post!
so today is the day dear jane, new moon!
I think i can already feel it...
happy snowqueenwonderlandtimes, julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi julia !
your comments make me smile :)
thank you and I hope the new moon helps you start some new and wonderful projects