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Sunday, December 19, 2010

look ! she even wears those wellies into the city of Galway- a day in the life of a country mouse who braves weather to triumphantly ring the bells

this is ME coming down from the medieval bell tower YESTERDAY of St. Nicholas cathedral in Galway , which is behind my market stall....the bell ringer Jilly , also has a market stall on saturdays and invited me to join her !
I rang out away in a manger and did a peal of bells with her , it was SO EXCITING !!

driving to Galway early yesterday morning (scary.....)

me and fiona at my stall
THATS what makes it worth all the work and trauma of braving the ice and snow ...dear fiona made me and A some lovely cup cakes and brought them specially in to me ! (thanks fiona xx)

lucilita (detail)
ink 2010
....relevent to how I feel juggling the whole time ....
feel awful sick today caught hell of a cold (not that unusual I suppose after standing out in the freezing cold !)


Shelky Bean said...

love the title of this entry Jane, AND the images with the text...the pic of the road...scary indeed...and you look so cold on your stall...but coming down those stairs...YOU DID IT!!! you braved the weather to get the work out there...if your not there, then you cant be seen, isn't that it ? :) Hope you feel better soon :) xxx

annamaria potamiti said...

Happy Holidays you brave woman!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you for your lovely comment richael !
yes , one does have to make an effort to be seen ....and I feel quite triumphant considering the state of our roads etc.
hello annamaria and the same to you !

Laura said...

happy holidays/solstice dear jane. i have a friend who is a bellringer... it is very interesting how mathematical it is.

lovely drawing.

and my wishes to you for a speedy recovery!


Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you laura !
and the same to you
I am feeling a little better :)