Saturday, December 18, 2010

magical landscape (again)

today is my last market for this year , thank you shelly for helping me and my girls who have made lovely dolls face broaches (images to follow)
there is very heavy snow , I DO hope that I get there today , after all the hard work .
The full moon will be here soon ,and all looks well.
I wish all reading this happiness and a lovely day .

if I could I would LOVE a subscripition to this venerable magazine
raw vision


Julia da Franca said...

dear jane, hope you made it through all that magical snow! oh and i love your dress, it looks so perfect on you! xo julia

Richael said...

I <3 love <3 the images on this post...almost as much as I loved this week :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh thank you julia ! and yes I did make it through all that snow , to get to the market
hello richael , glad you like them too !
it was great having your company this week at the studio :)