Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eskerrick asko Donostia !! (thank you San Sebastián) part one .......

eskerrick asko !
that is basque for thank you Donostia.
Donostia is the Basque name for their beautiful city (known more commonly as its Spanish name San Sebastián)
We are just back from a lovely break in this most exciting and beautiful of cities.
I feel moved and privledged to have been welcomed by these down to earth , passionate people, specially when I tried to speak euskara , with the help of a little dictionary we were given in a bar.
My memories are fading already as I type , I dont want to loose anything.
We swam,cycled on their wonderful city cycle paths,ate lovely pintxo (tapas),walked everywhere,enjoyed the warm air on our impoverished Irish skin :)

*1 how beautifully is this book wrapped !! I cant open it and show you the wonders inside it yet , I love looking at the wrapping.
*2 loved this image in our local bookshop window.
*3 hand written sign in the cutest little cake shop.
*4 so sad I could not afford this bathing hat it was 25 euros in a very chic chemist in the old city which although beautiful, was too touristy and overpriced to me.I prefered our area of Antigua , down town.
*5 this was Queen Marie -Christine s bathing house ! isnt it fantastic.


Cendrine Rovini said...

Beautiful souvenirs Jane. I'm sure I knew the name of the painter who made this wonderful portrait which is on the cover book ! I'm trying to remember this name...

Jane O Sullivan said...

if I think of it , I will let you know !