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Thursday, August 05, 2010

part two**drawings from our heart ( a collaboration with cendrine rovini)


cendrine rovini
ceinte boiseé
jane o sullivan
ceinte boiseé
cendrine rovini
the flower nest of les recueillies
jane o sullivan
les recueillies
cendrine rovini

In early june , I suggested a project with an artist I admire greatly cendrine rovini
drawings from our heart
I am constantly fascinated by her work and it always provokes a strong reaction within me .
I wanted to make some drawings as a response to cendrines work.
I feel our collaboration is like a meditation, a friend, a dialogue,satellite, a muse on each others work.
This has influenced my work and made me draw in a different way.
It also importantly created some work that is pro-active and artist generated.
We are continuing our collaboration and will post up a new series when we have it made.
I am posting my drawing that I made in response to cendrines drawing , which you can see directly underneath it.
Please go directly to cendrines blog hortus noctis where you will see her meditations on my drawings.
We welcome any feedback on drawings from our heart


Cendrine said...

Jane, thank you so much for this collaboration, for this dialogue so intimate between our images !
I'm feeling so honored and blessed to be in contact with you and your art...

Jane O Sullivan said...

me too , me too my dear collaborator !

Mugwort's Castle said...

Than you both so much for sharing your beautiful collaborations!!! I am enjoying both looking at them and reading your blogs about them. Both of you are artists whom I truly admire. I find your works inspiring. And what marvelous things have come from the combination of your reflections upon each other's art!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you for your kindness and reflections erin !
I greatly appreciate them :)