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Monday, May 03, 2010

today and saturday and beyond ......its a bit of an epic read :)

my dear ones
it was in a story (sold !!)
pencil and oil pastel on paper
spectacular gentians
guess who !!
mr danny

the last few days have been great and I really feel I am picking up my thread again .
The market was great and I sold a drawing (above) and one more of my artists books (the innerworld outside) (hello lovely penny and chrissy ) that I made in a limited edition of 50 last year ....only 20 left if you are interested...... .as well as lovely china and other bits and bobs
When they are gone I will make a new book with my newer work in it ...and it probs will be a hand sewn book.
As it is a public holiday here we decided that a day trip was in order so we took off to the beautiful county of Clare to collect a very large yew tree that our friends was giving us to mark the passing of my mother in law a month ago next wednesday.
We had such a thrilling day , the burren is all around were they live is a limestone pavement which stretches for 25 miles square......its magical , moonical (!!) . otherworldly and just stunning to look at . It is a designated national park and thats where their little cottage lies ! There are BLUE BLUE gentian flowers, orchids ......We all had fun and it was great to be outside.
Danny is the cool dude with the new york bag sauntering down the market early saturday morning (I LOVE danny)
Danny is a native new yorker and has lived in Ireland a long time.He has a stall selling hot donuts that he makes there in the market. He is an artist for sure , makes all his own clothes ,is the sweetest guy and very photogenic. If you look carefully behind the guy in the red jacket (Dirk organic veg) you can see my stall .


Laura said...

dear jane-so glad to hear you are getting that spark back-what a lovely drawing and a lovely gesture to remember your mother in law.... you are the dearest and you lift my spirits with each of your posts...

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh :).......
for that I am pleased , I want to just post one piece of work but .....I cant !
your work Laura lifts my spirits , it says something I understand yet say differently.
I have enjoyed the process of coming out (so to speak) into the art world.
It is at once both a very intimate and private but also public support group.

Shayna said...

You and I were 'selling sisters' this past weekend - neato! Congratulations on selling your wondrous drawing - and, I just adore that photo of you with the clouds all around - you look beamingly beautiful, Jane! How meaningful, your adventure to collect the yew tree and to have such a lovely tree to mark the passing of your family member. (I have two small slices of yew wood, it is beautifully grained and very strong.) So glad that you had such a memorable day ~.~

Fine Little Day said...

Danny looks photogenic indeed. And looks like lot's of fun going on.

Cendrine said...

It's a pleasure to see a little bit of your life with these photos !

(I'm in love with Danny...) :)

The House of Lisa said...

I like the tree painting/drawing!
High spirit!

Jane O Sullivan said...

cendrine elisabeth and lisa ....hi hi hi !
great that you called by and I will send on the comments to danny !
glad that you like the tree drawing lisa