Monday, May 24, 2010

random loveliness (=inspiration for me) on a monday morning

pot from le petit oiseauwhat to look for in spring (ladybird 1961)
illustrator c.f.tunnicliffe
detail from lament for a house (forgive) the skirt has finally found an owner after plenty of oooohhhs and ahhhhhhs this last few saturdays ! "its for my friend ,she really likes dogs" said the lovely girl with the huge minnie mouse buns of red hair :)
look at this lovely studio pot that I got from the lovely nath at le petit oiseau ....I LOVE it !!
I also loved all the little extras too nath :)
Naths blog was one of the first I came across when I stumbled into the wonder filled new world of blogs a few years ago . I have always liked naths honesty,humour and sheer talent for seeing and finding treasures and connections.She has a highly individual eye for design and her own design work is developing all the time.I believe she has a great future ahead of her, I wish herself nath, paul,and little iris all the very best .


Shayna Prentice said...

I adore that Picasso-esque pot and what it is sitting atop - excellent find! Nice that you sold your 'scruffy' skirt ... it is always wonderful to see connections people make with objects we are selling. Happy day, Jane!

Ritva said...

what a nice monday morning you have had!
i heard swallows today! that sound!!!

annamaria said...

Hi Jane, I have been in 'hermit mode' for a while and loved catching up with your blog- you sound happy and beaming altogether! Very exciting installation- and your new drawings- Take care-

Jane O Sullivan said...

ritva,shayna and annamaria.......thanks for your comments
its always great to hear from you :)

Laura said...

oh i love the plant in the beautiful planter:) i agree about her bright future. and congrats on the sale!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura :)

nath said...

i am blushing jane! thank you for your kind kind words.

i'm super-pleased everything a) got there in one piece and b) that you liked everything.