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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I can see land looks beautiful (and other things on my mind)

I can see land (and it looks beautiful)
oil pastel on waxed paperarriving at work yesterday
happy flowers and japanese 1960's mug from auginish peninsulastudio corner

really feeling out of my comfort zone with this outside work I am making ....but I know that it is good to feel that ( be challenged)
but I dont like it ! that is why I am having a break and visiting my dear old blog .
I am pleased with the re -worked life drawing.....I enjoyed being out in the welcome sun collecting the bog cotton and it felt very dramatic bringing things back from a long way away to use in my work , like I was a fisherman or something.
We had a lovely visit to friends who live far out on a peninsula ...they are our neighbours at the market and we visit them once a year where they feed us up so well we can hardly move !


Laura said...

the life drawing is lovely. i know what you mean about a comfort zone, and i look forward to what happens to you as you step outside...

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura (appreciated ) :)

Fine Little Day said...

Jane, this set of photos makes me crazy happy :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

delighted elisabeth :)