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Friday, April 30, 2010

cowslips are go !!!!!

....I had such fun yesterday !
We just snuck out with the dogs over to see if we could see some rabbits , no rabbits anywhere but I found loads of beautiful cowslips .....such cheerful little wild spring flowers .
The field we were in, belonged to a lovely old lady who let me dig up a small clump of cowslips which are now hopefully taking root under a bush here.
When I got back in the studio , I was able to do a massive big clear out and re-organisation frenzy :)
I can see my drawing table and I feel giddy .
Have a lovely weekend everyone :)
If you like topiary , as I do , you will love to look at this place .


Shayna said...

What delightful images! I just love the one of you holding the teapot. And thanks for the excellent topiary link - there is a wonderful documentary called "A Man Named Pearl' - I think you'd enjoy it, too. Happy weekend to you, Jane ... oh, I'll think of you tomorrow when I go to sell at the swap meet market!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi shayna....good luck to you too at your market ,we are promised rain again :( ...but I have lots of cheerful and funny things to distract people with !
can you send me a link to that doc u mentioned !

Shayna said...

Hi Jane ~ it has rained here all week, but today the sun came out - yay! I just packed my truck, whew. I do love selling at market ... I imagine that you have some splendid distractions for the folks! I like to pack stuff to give to people, especially children. Here is a a good link: And, thanks for the good wishes! Have fun at your market!