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Thursday, April 01, 2010

the tinderbox picture show

from the left ryan,claire,damien and becca
moi just finishing off the comments page , you know swirls and bits ....
janes special guests (thanks guys)
on my way home to the train back to the west , I had one more look from the outside at our show
on the way home aboard the train ...yes folks there was a random blizzard , just to make things even more exciting !
I have to say that I am still on a high from mondays opening at filmbase in Dublin.
Just to meet all my fellow tinderboxers was so exciting and positive.(hello dears)
The feeling of my work being out there, feels fantastic and exhilirating.
I enjoyed the whole process of hanging the show with the others,having lunch and planting new ideas for our future .
Then at the opening to meet old friends who live in the capital ,that I had not seen for years ,was awesome .
Thank you to all those around and within me that helped to make this happen.
Art brings people together, it is empowering,hopeful and just plain essential to our sense of who we are or can be collectively.


Shayna said...

Oh Jane! What a splendid report this is - your art hanging on the gallery's wall looks positively BEAUTIFUL. I send my hearty Congratulations and raise my glass in a toast to you - Cheers!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks shayna !

Cendrine said...

Congratulations Jane! Your artworks seems to feel comfortable with their and your friends !
I would like so to come and see it in person, to meet your work and YOU !! :))

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks so much cendrine ....we will meet one day (this I am sure of )

Fine Little Day said...

Looks, and sound like a lot of fun Jane! Love the way you've hanged your beautiful pieces.

at swim-two-birds said...

the show looks great, is that you, with the dark hair?

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks elisabeth!
it sure was a lot of fun , I had avery narrow space so I thought that way of hanging looked the best .....glad you agree :)
Hello renilde ///yes thats me with the dark hair in the second photo and the third !
nice of you to call by

I like paints said...

I,m heading in on monday to check the exhibition out, yey! cant wait,Looking forward to being inspired!

denise nestor said...

Was so lovely to meet you in person jane! It was also nice to see your work in person, it looked fantastic. Very proud of tinderbox :)

Laura said...

SUBLIME! the show and all your chums look so wonderful. this post just gave me a boost of happiness..thanks jane:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

eleanor ...hi , enjoy the show
denise ...I CANT WAIT to meet you again , so much more to talk about and your work looked so calm and serenely beautiful on the wall ....and so well made .
thanks for your lovely comment denise..... , I really appreciate it x
oh Laura ....thanks so much ! I felt you were there by my side , sublime , happiness too xx

Ritva said...

congratulations jane!
it all looks so fine!
thank you for sharing it :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi ritva ...thanks for your good wishes :)
hope you are well too


so excited and chuffed for you jane! looks fabulous! xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks barbara was :)