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Sunday, April 04, 2010

easter sunday....

in the forest
oil pastel pencil and pen
sold on opening night (thanks elaine xx)

I was out early this morning and I found this tiny handwritten sign and a book of 1920,s childrens book illustations ...(at a little sale).......that was great .
Then I had to help the easter bunny hide eggs,its very cold and grey here at the moment..... and my eye is scaning for yellow (in desperation).
The lettering was my Dublin gift to myself . It is lettering from 1870....(sigh) and I found it in a tiny little antique stall where the woman let me take photos of the other prints that I could not afford :)..... ie..the bird print and another coming in the next post.
I feel my energy coming back and am looking forward to making a new drawing soon soon .
Happy Easter to all.


Shayna said...

Jane ~ that tiny handwritten sign and the 'Boulangerie' plate are truly wonderful. (I'm a third generation antiques dealer/collector ... I so very much understand the thrill of the hunt and find. And the sad feeling of, "oh, it got away.") Anyway, it is pouring rain here and the wind is so wild that the grass is moving in waves! But it is Spring ~!~. Happy Easter~

Jane O Sullivan said...

and to you dear shayna :)

I like paints said...

Hiya, thanks for the mail, Im gonna try go into the show today if these April showers would ever stop :)
I love your little pink deer so cute, we should do an art swap some time!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey eleanor ...I would love to do that !
yep , today is the last day to see the show , it comes down tommorow :( ...but it will probs be open late tonight ?